Photo by Erica Sager

Hi, I'm Devin


Whether you're an individual celebrating one of life's milestones or a small business looking to attract new customers,

capturing beauty is essential. From graduating college to showcasing your product, I want to create a film or photograph for you that looks good and tells a story, plain and simple.


"DCB FILMS" is the moniker I use to showcase my work. I'm a well-rounded filmmaker with experience in freelance work and as a producer for PBS affiliate WFSU-TV. With roots in run-and-gun shooting and editing, I'm always up for a new challenge and to see a project from start to finish. I'd be honored to handle any or all phases of your production.


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For Filmmakers:

I'm young but ready to work and learn! Interested in bringing me onto your next production?

Email me at or text me at 954.651.2683

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Devin Courtney Bittner | 954.651.2683 | @dcb_films on Instagram